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Reports and Forecasts

We understand that you wish to get the best from your bookkeeping service and we aim to help you to achieve this and enable you to make the best of your business. Therefore, ASK Bookkeeping can provide reports in various formats for you to analyse your business performance both in the short and long term.

To save you time we have listed some of the types of reports available. All reports can be saved to your computer or within the system.

Profit and Loss – this report can be detailed or to a specific date range and can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.

Balance Sheet – this report can be detailed and can be compared to the previous year’s balance sheet.

Assets – this report gives you the net book value of all your assets.

Income – these reports can be categorised by account, customer or sales item.

Accounts Receivable – details all sales invoices not yet paid. Prepares a report of all customer statements to be sent. Prepares a report for Aged Debtors ie details how much each of your customers owes you.

Expenses – these reports can be categorised by account and supplier.

Accounts Payable – details all bills that have yet to be paid. Prepares a report of Aged Creditors ie details how much you owe your suppliers.

Reports can also be prepared on Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Accounts, Sales Items, Payroll and Stock. Reports on various aspects of VAT can also be prepared.

Transactions – this is to help you track all transactions entered by date and by whom.

P11D Reports – this is gained from the mileage allowance payments and the company car allocation.

Audit and Trial Balance Reports – these are available for your Accountant and you.

Transaction Audit – prepares a list of all transactions for a selected period sorted into transaction date or activity date.

Un-reconciled items – prepares a list of all un-reconciled items in a bank account.

Day Books – this includes Sales and Purchase ledgers, Bank receipts and Bank, Credit Card payments.


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