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Assisted Service

If you are a small business and would prefer to manage your own accounts then we can offer you an online service giving training and assistance with the establishment of your books of account.

Software Training

The training will take place over two half day sessions, depending upon your personal needs. During this time we will ensure that you have grasped the basics in order that you are able to deal with the day-to-day activities of your bookkeeping. Full training materials will also be available for you to refer to in an easy to use and simple format.

This training can be paid for in a one off sum or budgeted over a monthly basis to help you with your initial cash flow.

Additionally for a minimum monthly fee ASK Bookkeeping offers support for a minimum of 6 months to assist with any online account or bookkeeping issues and on a monthly basis will monitor your account to ensure that everything is in order and to inform you if any alterations need to be made.

By helping you get started and by tracking your progress will ultimately assist with your End of Year financial figures and document processing so that you can ensure that your accountant receives everything they need in an accurate and timely fashion saving you money and stress at such a crucial time.

This Service can be extended for as long as you need it depending upon your business requirements. With this Service you can budget accordingly and allow your business to grow and then when you feel ready ASK Bookkeeping will make the seamless transition for you to manage your monthly accounts giving you time to concentrate on your core business.

If you would like to trial the online system before you make a decision then why not sign up for 28 days free of charge!  Just click here and put in some details and away you go. A pdf is available to take you through the basic functions so you can have a play.

To discuss this further call us on 01503 262827 or use the form on our Contact Page.


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